Starfleet Chaplain's Special Interests Group

Who Are We?

The Starfleet Chaplain Special Interests Group is designed as an outreach to the spiritual and moral needs of individuals in order to express an avenue of love and hope to those who may require assistance in those areas and will be made available at the discretion of an area Chaplain in order to provide said assistance throughout the known universe.

What Does That Mean?

WE, as Chaplains, believe that there is a spirituality within all of humanity and cultures throughout the known universe.

WE are here to serve the spiritual needs and provide moral support to our members and other individuals in need.

WE believe in the comcept of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC)...there is a spiritual connection with one's beliefs and lifestyle.

WE understand that should any situation arise which would impair or adversely reflect upon the duties of the chaplaincy, will remove ourselves from said position for the benefit of our members. 

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

 -Prayer request/Good thought/warm energies submissions.
 - E-Mail messages to our members, individuals & their families regarding
condolences, births, hospitalizations, etc.